Props: What our clients have to say

“Scott Faris and his staff at Amusement Park Recording Studio produce first-rate recordings. In fact, I have recorded my last three CDs there. An artist and a technician, Scott has the rare ability to capture an individual's unique sound. Not only is his work appreciated by casual listeners, but it has also won the praise of my mentors and colleagues including Christopher Parkening, Eric Johnson, and Mason Williams. I highly recommend Scott Faris to professionals and amateurs alike.”
David Brandon, guitarist
“When I hired Scott Faris to produce and record my album, I really had no idea what to expect… Based on what I knew of him at SPC, I was certain he was a talented guy with a LOT of energy, a great head on his shoulders, a kind heart, and an excellent attitude and work ethic. But I never guessed he’d be as invaluable to my own music, my art, my dream, as he was about to prove himself to be.

We started work on my first album in the fall of 2007. I’d just moved to Austin. I was green, I was scared, and I was completely clueless as to how to attack the process of cutting a record. Scott gave me peace. From the moment he got involved, I felt so secure in knowing that he had the answers and was going to make sure everything happened the right way. He was patient and easy to work with. He respected my art and me, myself, as an artist. He knew what it really meant to produce someone else’s music and he always made it clear that he was there to serve me and in that, serve the song.

We did most of the pre production in Austin at my house and at my friend Blake Atwell’s studio. Scott was cool enough to fly or drive down time and time again to make this happen. He always had such a cool/chill way of taking control of what would normally be a pretty unorganized, chaotic process. He impressed not only me, but also the musicians and engineers he’d never met before that I brought in to work on my project by how organized, focused, and driven he was. But at the moment, I didn’t realize I hadn’t really seen anything yet.

I made the first of several trips I was going to make to Lubbock with my friend Cale Richardson who played a lot of guitar on my record. I was blown away when I walked into The Amusement Park for the first time. Scott’s studio from the outside looked like any other rented space in an office complex, but walking in was like walking into another world. The aesthetic disarming comfort of each room seemed to wrap around you. This was a place I could create. When that door shut, everything outside went away, and with it, the bottleneck on my creativity. Everything just flowed. And as great as I thought Scott had been in Austin, I’d never seen him like this. He was home. We went right to work. He had every amp, tone, and toy we could ask for, and several we didn’t even know we should’ve asked for. There wasn’t a sound he couldn’t get or create. We worked around the clock. We took breaks when we wanted to. Pressure didn’t exist.

During the record, Scott wore just about every hat there is to wear in the creation of an album. And those same personal qualities seemed to shine through, no matter what job he was doing at any given time. He produced, he mixed, he engineered, he composed, he arranged, he counseled and advised. He was my friend. And if anybody could care about my music and my career as much as I did, this was the guy.”
Bobby Bookout, Austin, TX
“I LOVE Amusement Park! They have all the best new and vintage gear to get any possible sound I am looking for with my projects. Scott and the gang are extremely knowledgeable... and more importantly, they will do whatever it takes to make sure you leave with a world-class recording. For my next project I am flying the whole band all the way from Portland, OR to Lubbock just to use Scott Faris and Amusement Park Studios again... I won't work with anybody else.”
Brent McLain, The Cutthroats, Portland, OR
“Working with Scott Faris and Amusement Park Studio was such a real joy and pleasure. Scott is a true professional with great ‘ears’ and a genuine love of his art and commitment to his clients . Everyone at Amusement Park studios is friendly and professional, and the atmosphere and ‘vibe’ serve to make a ‘warm and happy place’ for writers, artists and musicians to create. The quality of the work produced at Amusement Park Studio is evident in that many of my songs, recorded there, have been featured on world-wide radio, internet and television.”
Cary C Banks, Musician, Songwriter, Artist and Music Educator
“Working with Scott Faris and Amusement Park studios is kinda like getting to record music with the Mad Hatter in Wonderland… always fun, always full of creative mayhem and intrigue. Scott has the gift of getting your creative best to surface, often in directions you didn’t realize existed in the immediate universe. A consummate professional, a great mentor, and very sensitive to an artist’s creative goals and desires… I seek Scott’s genius on any endeavor.”
Jay Lemon, keyboardist
“I could not imagine recording my projects anywhere else besides Amusement Park Studios. The recording quality is right on, the advice given in regards to my many questions is valuable, and the overall experience is a blessing. Plus, if you get a chance to work with Scott Faris, my wife and I agree, you will just be a cooler person after being in the same room with him. Thanks for all of your help!”
Wade McNutt, Instructor of Commercial Music, South Plains College
“Highly recommended: cool humans, great space, droolworthy gear, endless vibe.”
Jonathan Smither, Bassist and sound design specialist

The Amusement Park Recording Studio’s Amek mixing console - The best recording grear in Lubbock, Texas
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