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We record because we love music!

At the Amusement Park, we understand your passion for music because we share it! We are all musicians and performers as well. Why is that important? It means we understand your language. And we love creating music just as much as you do. We're passionate about recording. That's the Amusement Park Recording Studio difference.

Scott Faris, record producer and owner of the Amusement Park Recording Studio

Scott Faris

Producer, guitarist and artist.
And oh yeah… he owns the place!

Producer, guitarist and visual artist Scott Faris has spent the past 20 years doing what he loves: creating. The proprietor of FarisWheel Productions, a music and art production company, and the owner of the Amusement Park Recording Studio in Lubbock, Texas, Scott is a veteran of the independent music and art scene. He has toured as the guitarist for Rapunzel, 100 Love Sonnets, Meltdown Morning, the Hi-Fi Collective and the Reagan Administration and has played on, produced, engineered or created album covers for more CDs than he can remember. Intensely creative, Scott spends his time producing albums for independent artists, painting and sculpting, building high-end websites, crafting unique album art and recording memorable guitar tracks.

Scott began his career as a guitar teacher for the world-renowned classical guitarist David Brandon. He later became the Director of Guitar Studies and founder and Co-Director of the Entertainment Business Program at South Plains College (Levelland, Texas), alma mater of Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, Lee Ann Womack and Jedd Hughes. During his tenure at SPC, Scott was instrumental in developing its guitar program (including building a staff of eleven instructors) and was the founder of AlternaTV, an audition-only, student-led rock band that filmed a live televised concert monthly.

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For a high-octane dose of rock & roll, check out Scott's band Strawberry Crush.

Scott Faris, record producer and owner of the Amusement Park Recording Studio

Ben Mercado

Chief Engineer, graphic ninja, photographer and rap artist.

After engineering his first record with the Joni Nichols Band, Ben was hooked on recording. His clients now include Andy Eppler, Mariachi Mi Terra, Mary Loudat, TeXas Tech, All ‘Bout Cash, Xsept, On Tha Block, Cohesive, Mr. Coop, Jay, Illyrix & J Blu, Slate Stone, Chris G, Yella Boi, Soul Life, Ryze, Every Mans Empire, Joe Blakk, Maverik, Lil’ Melv, Hood Life Mob, and Jurey of VLP. He has also engineered tracks for Swiffy Beats, Soul Life Beats, Opie Beats, Dova Beats, and Jeff Beats.

Also a video wiz, Ben produces TV commercials and music videos for regional businesses and bands. He serves as the region’s only A2 for network broadcasting (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN-U, Fox Sports News, Versus, Raider Vision).

Ben performed as vocalist for Life Of Ki, Cohesive, and even next to Scott in the Alterna TV ensemble at his alma mater South Plains College. He currently preforms as a rap artist under the name of Xsept 1 and released ANDREW: Point of View (available on iTunes).

Ben is also an amazing photographer and shoots for band promotions, CD covers and even modeling portfolios. Once he achieved the ranks of graphic ninja “kree-ate-ur-vision-son”, Ben has been able to surprise attack any design challenge using a wide range of advanced techniques of design and concept.

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